Writing Letters

Ahhh… the lost art of writing letters… actual penned words on paper tucked into an envelope with a honest to goodness stamp!  You decide, lost art? Or, just no longer necessary? I love writing my personal letters. I have pen pals all over the country, I write to relatives and friends and find I’m far more likely to send them an actual letter than I am an email. Well, some of my letter companions don’t have email so that’s one reason – but I firmly believe that you can get a true sense of a person by actually reading their handwritten letters.  My handwriting isn’t very good, but that doesn’t stop me.  When Michael and I were living apart before I moved to Pennsylvania, we wrote letters. He is a far better letter writer than I am, and each one he sent is saved as though it were precious treasure.  Sometimes I even use a dipping pen and ink. However I write, I love stationery. I like antique stationery, my own photographic note cards, off the wall and funky looking stationery… I love browsing antique stores and yard sales for different types of stationery. I know that antique letter writing etiquette states that plain white stationery is best, unless you’re in mourning, then a black border is appropriate. But, I think I rebel against that. 🙂  Bring on the color!  I love receiving letters with different and beautiful stationery too – its one of my fondest activities is to re-read letters I’ve received, and look at their choice of stationery. Yes, I save letters too….  I know its more clutter, but I must keep my written treasures. I have a couple beautiful boxes – one of which is a Victorian document box – and will expand when they are full.  I still have some letters boxed up from the move so I’ll have to bring them out too. Let me know what you think!  Kathy WP_20130905_002  ]]>

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