What’s your inspiration?

My daughter is so inspirational to me! She continually strives to be a good mom, a good wife, a good writer, and a great person. And I think she succeeds at them all. Other people who inspire me are my sister Karen, who despite her many disadvantages, she is living the life she wants. My sister Cherie who has survived breast cancer, bitter disappointment and highly stressful jobs. And she’s so filled with positive energy! (Congratulations on the new dream job!!!) My brother, who is living with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) for which there is no cure, and is maintaining a job, a family, and has kids who absolutely adore him. He may be the ultimate man-guy, but he’s always going to be my little angel. 😉 Janice Byer, my friend, and mentor who is living her dream on their farm and still maintains her client workload in grand fashion. Clara Fyffe, who has persevered through so many trials and is facing her biggest one yet. She has lung cancer and has had different diagnoses/prognosis. One doctor says only a matter of months, and the other says perhaps a year and a half. Now, they seem to be arguing with each other instead of fighting together to save her. Go figure. Still, she is an amazing woman and I’m so proud to know her. She still is so funny and makes me laugh. Clara you’re my hero! Michael, love of my life, who’s so smart and generous. And funny, and makes me laugh at myself and is constantly encouraging.  Thank you for believing in me! Kathy ]]>

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