What Pattern is This?

I have been trying to locate these plates for over 20 years!  Ok, so not all the time, but I used to have a set of 4 of them, and honestly, I ‘believe’ these were it.  I have no pictures of them, but the were a gift from my former Great-Aunt-in-law (now deceased) Helen Linson.  She was a fellow rooster collector and we shared that and many other things in common while I was married to her great nephew.  I remember being heartbroken when these were stolen from me while I was packing my things to leave the home that was also stolen from me. Being so young, and so desperately intimidated by the bullies surrounding me, I felt I had no options except to take was was dished out at me. Before she died, Aunt Helen was a single source of solace for me. Although she was ‘his’ great aunt, she was my dear friend and gifted me with the set of plates. I could not believe they had been taken from me. So now, I’ve found a picture of a plate that is so near what I remember, I immediately had tears in my eyes and could see Aunt Helen in my mind.  I believe these are the plates but I don’t know the name of them. Before I buy the one plate I saw on eBay, I’d like to know what it is, and if I can have the other colors as well. Help me out?  What is this?  Leave me a comment or send me an email – – thanks in advance!]]>

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