What PAS Does

take these g&dd#@m pictures off of this site. you do not have my permission to post any pictures of myself or my now-ex wife. remove them or i swear i will have this website banned, i know hackers… do NOT f#@k with me.  From the email address of f#@k_you@yahoo.com. He’s correct, I didn’t have permission, and have removed the offending picture, however, as an object lesson, the comment is posted here (edited to be less offensive).  I’ve also removed the pictures of him from my FaceBook. What my son doesn’t realize, is that this behavior is typical of PAS. Children lashing out at the targeted parent (Me) viciously, with no respect for the parent whatsoever. This is not his first vicious communication. I’ve gotten a voicemail that is so incredibly abusive its frightening. The hatred that emanates from him in nothing short of fanatical, and he cannot give a reason why.  I’ve asked. My own son, behaving this way to me.  Its unacceptable! But, its also the product of Parental Alienation Syndrome. What his father and grandmother did to him I’ll never entirely know, but it was abuse on the most heinous kind. My son was denied a loving relationship with me. My daughter, bless her, was exposed to the same abuse, but is a much stronger person and was able to see through it. She was still affected though, and has suffered.  But I’m more grateful than I can say that she wants to be in my life. She is one of the most incredible and special people I know and yes, I’m proud of her. 🙂 The good news is that my son is contacting me.  He may be threatening me, he may be horrible to me, but he’s contacting me, and reading this blog.  I will never give up on him, and Don, if you’re reading this, I love you, and I am proud of you. Despite what you think. Love, Mom]]>

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  1. Thank you for putting up this blog. Many need to know of the insidiousness of PAS. Few realize how society itself commodifies the child. The child thus becomes a thing and not a being. Love then, if seen, is felt to be insignificant and cheap – useless.
    My own daughter now 23 years old is doing the same thing. Had me around briefly apparently when she neded some money. Pretty typical of her mother’s ways. She is so stiff on those times when I have seen her all in the first four months of the year. Now she does not respond to invitations or when she does she asks me to keep calling her. Then she tells me she is too busy. But she is not too busy to go to the beach with her boyfriend or to have cosmetic surgery! Meanwhile my granddaughter is already four years old and has seen me twice. PAS is horrible!
    Its truly a wonder the group Justice for Children who facilitated her mother taking my daughter from me, rejects PAS. Evil is here on Earth. I am grateful I now see where it exists more often than not and protect myself against it. Still I wait for the precious daughter I used to have.
    Yes the anger and behind that I ll bet, a lot of tears. My daughter lashed out at me for commenting on the fathers day photo album she sent which said “Grandchildren: fill a space in your heart never knew you was empty”. Does she not realize I need her company and the company of my granddaughter? No photos of me in the album either, just her, granddaughter, and the boyfriend. An the cover statement sounds like a tease and a slap-something her mother would have picked to give to me!!!

  2. Thank you so much for putting your thoughts on PAS out there! I think it’s very useful! I’ve been alienated from my own children for over 3 years. Even though its heartbreaking, its good to read how others are feeling/dealing with PAS.
    Thank you.

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