What is Beauty?

    Beauty is my daughter
      Beauty is my grandchildren (3 of them!)
      Beauty is Michael
      Beauty is my sister Cherie (she’s also my hero and one of the most impressive people I know)
      Beauty is my sister Karen, who is unbelievably strong and cheerful
      Beauty is a thunderstorm that doesn’t hurt anyone
    And so many more things I could never mention them all…
Finally, beauty is a gift from a dear friend that I will treasure always, and on today, get such a kick out of it. She gave me a title, “Lady Kathy Ritchie of Tattingstone” which does give me the right to call myself a Lady and pass the title AND the entire square foot of estate down to my daughter. 🙂 Thank you Clara, I miss you my friend. [caption id="attachment_55119" align="alignleft" width="244"]Lady Kathy Ritchie of Tattingstone Lady Kathy Ritchie of Tattingstone[/caption]]]>

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