We're Foster Parents

DSC_8796That’s right! We are the foster parents to 4 adorable babies!   Baby bunnies!  We realized too late that Patches had been sniffing around something every time she went outside, and after 3 full days its apparent that the mother bunny isn’t coming back.  Patches had been ‘checking’ on her little ‘babies’ every chance she had.  She never hurt them, they look perfect, but they won’t survive now that the mommy bunny is gone. So, off to the pet store we went where we picked up eye droppers, syringes, a nursing kit, milk replacement, and the probiotic that bunnies need to survive. (We’re on a steep learning curve!)  Michael isn’t sure they will make it, but we feel we need to try since Patches is the reason they could die.  (I think she was really just being motherly, not trying to harm them.) So, I’ll be sharing our progress with you, but in the meantime, its been a very long time since I’ve held something so tiny, precious and helpless in my hands!   DSC_8800 DSC_8799 DSC_8797   Wish us luck! Kathy]]>

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