Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day/Weekend will be completely unlike any previous Valentine’s Day for me. Because it’s not about me this year, its about Michael. He is being honored as Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Distinguished Alumnus of the Year for 2014.  There is an excellent write up about him in the university’s magazine (he’s on page 40).  He is still the most humble person I’ve ever met and would rather they skipped the fuss and sent him the award but I believe he’s earned it.  (Couldn’t tell how proud I am could you? :-))  (MSU Denver has done some remodeling on their site so a link I cross posted last week isn’t valid anymore.) So, off we go to Denver again – I know, what a hardship right?  I’ll get to see some of my family, and Michael will get fussed over – what could be better?  The big thing will be on Saturday (2/15) and all our guests that we were able to invite will be able to spend it with us. Should be a great weekend! Kathy    ]]>

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