It has been such a very long time since I blogged here. I know, I say this every time I haven’t written in the blog for a while. I am keeping up with my journal though, which was a major goal of mine this year. Let’s bring you up to speed:

First, and most important, Michael was diagnosed with cancer in February and had surgery to remove the cancer on March 16th at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He spent several days in hospital. It was a painful procedure, and difficult recovery but he’s cancer free now at six months. The day of his surgery the city of Baltimore shut down due to the virus and overnight the streets were empty. So when I got back to the hotel after being with Michael during the day, my sister and I would walk the empty streets and gaze in the closed windows of Fells Point. It was surreal but the lack of hustle and bustle was a balm to my nerves. I am forever grateful for the extraordinary care given to Michael and the help and support given to me during that time.

For a very long time I had been wearing a patch over my left eye, like a pirate – yes, because my eye had turned inward so much I couldn’t walk without running into things, falling down stairs, tripping over everything, and so on. I was scheduled for eye realignment surgery in April but the Pandemic hit so it was cancelled until the end of August. I had to say it was/is a difficult recovery. I don’t know why I thought this but I just assumed its only my eye, I’ll Be back up and running very quickly. Ummm, nope… Brutal headaches, dizziness if I move my head too quickly from side to side, not to meantion that I have feel more exhausted than I thought possible. This also coincided with an extra busy time in my virtual assisting practice, which made me want to keep working but having to push myself to take breaks. Michael said he heard my recovery could take up to a year… I swear I didn’t hear that, but its probably selective memory. At any rate it needed to be done. Again, the surgery was at Johns Hopkins and I received exemplary care – but it was a bit scary because Michael wasn’t allowed in.

My chronic pain is still with me. My doctor – the one that does the MRI guided needle placement procedures (In my abdomen) has left Johns Hopkins, and I couldn’t find another – and honestly, I don’t want to start from scratch. He’s gone to a university in NYC and I’m in touch with him. I’m praying the clinic he is starting will be up and running at some point, after it was delayed due to the pandemic. So, every few weeks I check in and see what’s up. Meanwhile, I’m in pain, some days in near screaming agony, with only Tylenol, ibuprofen, and my pain tea. Thank God for my pan tea. Because, of course, if you’re a chronic pain patient, you are apparently an addict and don’t deserve to be treated with medicine that works.

That’s where we are. We’re working to build our studio up (www.hilltop-arts.com) and my photography business (www.hilltop.photos) and my virtual assisting business is keeping me extremely busy. But all of it helps to keep me distracted from what isn’t feeling good on my body. 🙂 I promise I will try to be better about this blog!

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