Uggh…. Packing…

[/caption] Do the words “moving” and “packing” send a chill through you?  They do me!  Ask anyone who knows me, I hate moving.  I dislike almost the entire process of relocation… But I love the unpacking and settling in.  I’m very excited about my upcoming move to Pennsylvania.  Michael is closing on the house tomorrow, and I’ve been trolling the internet for anything related to Fairfield, PA.  Phone, cable, utilities, Internet and trash pickup have already been setup.  Mail forwarding orders have been submitted. Whew…  Yup, I’m excited.  The mere fact that I’ve been packing up the house for the last 3 months should attest to that.  But, the whole act of packing.  Drives me nuts.  I’m very glad though that I’m such a methodical packer.  Not only do I pack more carefully than any moving company I’ve ever heard of, I’m fanatical about labeling. When I finish each box, its taped shut, and immediately its labeled with the room where it needs to go, and under that, I always list what’s inside.  This makes the unpacking (my favorite part!!) so much easier and quicker. [caption id="attachment_54121" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Labeled with a mini-inventory"][/caption] So, as far as organization, I think this will be a generally smooth move.  I’m grateful too because Michael’s nephew Jason and his wife Joshlin are renting this house, and I know they will take very good care of it. Certainly eases the mind.]]>

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