Possible Pain Relief

imageAbout three weeks ago Michael brought home one of those ICY HOT Tens units. Every time I’d see their commercial I would wonder, would that have any effect on my pain. So, he brought one home. Prior to this, I’ve been using two different pain relievers, one is twice a day and the other is as needed and frankly, I felt it was needed too much. I’ve hated taking pain medication all my life and these last three-plus years have been a study in frustration. Do I try to tough it out or do I take the pain medicine….  Struggle with the pain or feeling ‘less myself’… Since Michael brought home the ICY HOT Tens unit, I’ve been using it daily, keeping the pad on sometimes all day long. But…. It’s been WORKING!!! I’ve had a dramatic reduction in the amount of pain medication I’m taking – and that to me is a HUGE WIN!  It doesn’t take away all the pain, but it’s clear to me that it’s taking away much of it. Next step, we are going to the pain clinic in a couple weeks for my regular appointment and I will discuss whether a more professional tens unit will be useful. I think one with smaller pads would be good. And if they don’t want to or don’t think it would be beneficial (How could they not???) I’ll continue using the unit I have. Looking over the information on the ICY HOT unit, it doesn’t specifically say it’s for the reduction of chronic nerve pain but it should! I plan on letting them know how wonderful it’s been for my life. I can finally plan things! I don’t feel like I am just living for the next pill, I’m finally living for REAL!  Thank you ICY HOT for making such an incredible product, and, thank you Michael for bringing one home!  ]]>