Pajama Day

Today is a pajama day. I’m hurting too much to even consider getting dressed in jeans.

So dang tired of pain. But I refuse to go back to a pain clinic. Refuse!  I’ll just take the strong dose of my herbal medicine and go to bed.

Losing the Pain Clinic

Message I sent to my pain clinic recently: “Please destroy the pain contract I have with your clinic. I am managing my pain using herbal methods and it seems to be working well so far. I still experience severe pain, very often, but since your clinic doesn’t want to prescribe the medications that work for me, and instead insist on a protocol that will harm me, I can no longer count on effective care there. Please destroy the contract and let me know when you have done so. 

I have no more faith in your clinic due to the fact that a doctor I’d never seen before – who took over after my doctor left – who didn’t know me, obviously didn’t read my chart, and has the bedside manner of a slug – thought he could bully me into medications that had previously left me bedridden. That’s unconscionable. And it’s not being a doctor, it’s being a jerk.

The experience after my doctor left your clinic has made me wary of everyone there regarding my care. In the future, it will not be at your clinic.”

Writing this message to them means I’ve enough faith in my own abilities to treat my pain myself. I do still have pain, but I’m managing it. Through my herbal remedies and using distraction, I’m doing well. I haven’t had to take an opioid in some time – which is a huge win for me.

I feel empowered, finally.