New PC Growing Pains

Close-up of real life messy desk in office

Yeah! I love new computers! Ugh… New computer growing pains I can do without!

Every new computer transition has its issues, some are unavoidable, and others…

My new computer has both USB 2 and USB 3 ports. While I was setting up and blithely plugging peripherals into ports, it didn’t dawn on me to be careful where I plugged stuff in. Because apparently, some things aren’t compatible with USB 3. I thought all USB 3 ports were backward compatible, but I guess I was wrong…

Like my marble mouse… It’s not working anymore. On any of my computers. And my headset system. It still works with the desk phone, but will not plug into any of my computers. I’ve changed cords, reset devices where I can, but it still won’t work on USB.

Not even sure what exactly did happen, but it did. Crazy, but I’m getting through.

UPDATE: It wasn’t the USB ports at all, it was a defective USB CD/DVD drive! It caused damage and headaches, but it’s all fixed now. The company where I purchased it replaced it and the marble mice, but not the headset, although they did give me a discount.