Blogger Stalker

[/caption]Ugh… I hate myself. (not really just sometimes I feel pathetic). I’m a blogger stalker. My children are estranged and while I know I won’t get information from or about my son (and of course those who do get the information aren’t letting ME know anything…) and the only news I get about my daughter is from her blog. I love that she is such a great blogger, but hey c’mon! I do believe when she said she send me news of her brother if she got any, so either she’s not in the loop or she’s not getting updated either. I do love her blog though, she has a breezy, fun, and completely quirky-lovable style. She generally includes some great pictures, and is really becoming a good photographer. But, since she disowned me this is the only news I get anymore. I pray every day she reaches out. I pray every day for her to understand how terribly hurt I am from all this. I never tried to make her uncomfortable, I thought we were working on a relationship…. I guess it was only on my end. Even though she said I blew it, I still don’t know what it was that I did that was wrong – except that it didn’t mesh with her own methods. Will she ever reach out? No way to know, for now, I’m just a blogger stalker. Sigh… Estranged Mom of Two Adult Children]]>