Wild Beauty

20140504-074036.jpg For the last few days Michael and I have enjoyed the hospitality of one of my clients at a private club in Clare, NY. While the area has not yet fully rebounded after an incredibly harsh winter, there is beauty in the harshness of the landscape and recent rainfall has swollen rivers making for spectacular cascades. We missed the annual event last year due to illness, and although I’m no better this year, I was determined to make the journey. It seems like a completely different life here, especially since cell phone signals are limited if present at all. The disconnect has recharged my batteries! This year, I was as clumsy as ever, and have the assorted bumps, bruises, scrapes (and very swollen ankle) to show for it, but I wouldn’t change a thing. We fished, hiked, climbed up and down hills to get the perfect shot, drove all over the wilderness area where the club is located to see ‘what’s new’. It was glorious! This year there were about 24 people here. 23 men and one female. It makes for some interesting bathroom time. Michael has to go check to be sure its empty before I can go in, then has to stand guard duty since the door doesn’t always lock. LOL it’s pretty funny. I’m so grateful for my client putting the event on every year, and Michael who wouldn’t let me cancel due to his very bad cold. I hope he had fun despite his cough, fever, headache, and stuffed up head!]]>