Climbing Mt. Magazine

I have mountains of magazines! Between my husband and I we have tons. At one time I went all digital with my magazines but found I wasn’t reading them anymore so I switched back. Now, they pile up and form mountains. Then one day I just threw up my hands and said “That’s enough!” I’m doing something about it. Enter Evernote. Evernote is my friend. I have hundreds of notes, research, photos, To-Dos, and so on. I still even have all the notes from our wedding in 2012 because I’m so sentimental I can’t get rid of them. 🙂 For the last couple of weeks I’ve been going through magazines and saving those bits I can’t live without. I love Evernote on my iPad because I can scan an article right from Evernote using my iPad’s camera, then name it, tag it and its done. Once I’ve snagged all the “have to keep” parts of the magazine it goes in the recycling bin. I’m also going through magazines up in the office and using my scanner. I love to just drag a note from my PaperPort right into Evernote – then tag it and its done. I feel so efficient!  ]]>