I don’t know why I didn’t do this until now – it is so effecient!

When we moved into this house, for some reason I desided the closet/washer dryer area (they used to be in the kitchen and were moved down to the basement before we bought this house) should be used for my small appliances. And the cabinet on the other side of the refridgerator (one that is nearly the same size as the refridgerator and the one above it) became the pantry.  Not effecient.  To reach anything in the pantry I’d have to leave the kitchen and get it, and there was no lighting to see what was actually back in the back. Finally, a couple weekends ago, I switched them!  I just got a wild idea and first thing in the morning I switched them. Then later in the day, Michael took me to Lowes (I just love that store!) and we found a white steel rack that would fit perfectly.  I love it! Here is the newly revamped Pantry and “Appliance Shed”  🙂


Then, after that, I was rearranging in the pantry….  making use of the great rack and baskets we added after our trip to Lowes and making a grocery list.  I found on the Android Market this great program called My Pantry 2. Its wonderful, you can scan in items that are in your pantry, you can speak them in or you can type them in.  Running low? move it from the pantry to the grocery list.  LOVE IT! was very helpful when we went grocery shopping! then, I just moved what we bought to the pantry list and added in what wasn’t on the list (Never shop when you’re hungry!) and my pantry list was complete. No more guessing   I just have to remember to keep it updated, it doesn’t automatically know what’s been used! 🙂  Really worth the $0.99 I spent.  But I believe there is a lite version as well.

I feel so organized now! 🙂


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