Sunday Morning for the networks, which is really very nice but I haven’t figured out how to post to the blogs yet, although it says you should be able to. What makes this my social network updater of choice is two things, first, it doesn’t require I download an application that is kept running in the background, and second, its free. Truly love it! Meanwhile, its pretty easy to post to all my blogs using The Journal software ( after setting up the blog profiles in the tools menu. I’ve used The Journal for many years, having transitioned to an electronic, secure journal that let me keep my privacy. (You can probably guess that my journals were read without invitation in the past.) Well worth the price for the very user friendly application. I’ll be upgrading my older 4.1 version to the 5.0 version. So, this is my Sunday, is there anything better than sitting next to your honey on the couch? Pretty soon he’ll be getting out his laptop and we’ll both be here enjoying each other’s company and being productive. Ahhh…. Bliss…………… Have a great day! Kathy]]>

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