NO MSG Cream of Mushroom Soup

Kathy’s Cream of Mushroom Soup This is a no MSG sauce/soup created for the homemade scalloped potatoes served Easter 2011 and which were raved about by all.  Delicious!  Special thanks to Cherie and Mom for all their suggestions!! 24 oz chicken broth (We used Swanson’s Completely Natural low-fat broth) 1/4  cup diced celery 4 each sliced mushrooms 4  tablespoons butter (or margarine) 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 cloves garlic sliced 1/2 teaspoons Kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/2 to 1 cup Half-and-half, fat free 1. Start with oil and 1 or 2 tablespoons of the butter and saute the celery and garlic until tender. 2. Add the rest of the butter, salt and pepper, and when butter is melted add the flour a tablespoon at a time and stir in completely.  After the last of the flour is added, cook until foamy, be careful, it scorches easily at this point. 3. Slowly, stirring constantly, add in the broth. 4. Add sliced mushrooms. 5. Let simmer until desired thickness, and until mushrooms are tender. 6. Add the half n half, cook another 5 minutes. 7. Serve immediately (or at this point add to scalloped potatoes). Servings: 4 Yield: 4 cups Tips NOTE: salt is actually to taste. Portabella mushrooms are delicious in this soup. Source Author: Kathy Ritchie, Cherie Wheeler, Luanne Crownover]]>

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