Ban MSG!! I am more frustrated than I can say with the food industry. Did you know there are a dozen or more names for MSG?  I’m literally sick and tired of MSG.  I have severe reactions, debilitating migraines and mood changes when exposed to it. Its not enough to simply look for monosodium glutamate on the list of ingredients, because our food industry, who makes billions off of us, can include it, and doesn’t have to label it uses one of its ‘other’ names, or is included with another ingredient… People are literally being poisoned because of false labeling.  I for one, feel it’s appalling. On this page I’ll be including links to natural alternatives, recipes, and things that have worked for me. To see all my posts on MSG and food additive toxicity…  click here.   Links: Hidden Names for MSG MSG Free Recipes Symptoms of MSG Toxicity]]>