My Family

post. Here are some pictures of my family: Nichole, Bryce, Princess L and Prince K.  My gorgeous daughter and her beautiful family. ~*~ My son insisted I remove his picture – because I don’t have his permission. (Read the comment below from him – ouch!) Well, he’s right, at least I didn’t have it for his wife, so I did remove that one.  Note, I won’t remove them any more.  Looking for more to put up. But since I wasn’t allowed much time with them, I’m rather short of pictures. ~*~ Love of my life Michael, and me, Christmas 2009.]]>

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  1. Comment is from my son Don, edited to be acceptable online:
    take these g#dd#%m pictures off of this site. you do not have my permission to post any pictures of myself or my now-ex wife. remove them or i swear i will have this website banned, i know hackers… do NOT f@#k with me.

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