Looking cross-eyed at the world

I am literally looking cross-eyed at the world. I’m in dire need of eye realignment surgery due to my left eye turning inward. It just got rescheduled into April. I know it was only two weeks past when the surgery was supposed to be initially, but for someone who is running into absolutely everything because the world is wonky-crazy right now, that’s a long delay.

On 1/01/2020, in the mid-afternoon, I was coming down the stairs with my left eye shut as I have to do most of the time now and opened it for an instant. In that instant, i missed a step and crashed down the last three. I didn’t tumble down, I held on but ended with all my weight on my right foot which was bent at the toes under me. So, broken toes and possible ligament damage, and a sprained ankle (The same one I keep hurting because it hasn’t been long enough to totally heal it.) Ducky. Needless to say, I was off duty for cooking over New Year’s.

I can’t wait for the reallignment surgery! Plus I love going to the surgeon’s office because its all decorated with kids in mind since most are WAY younger than I am. 🙂

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