It's the Weekend (Almost)

SimplySoaps and it’s really nice. I think it’s wonderful she’s doing it. I wish her much success. As much as I’m looking forward to the new life we will live with this new move, I’m saddened too that my children are still estranged from me. When will my daughter realize that her judgement of me and what she perceived as wrong actions were in fact coming from my very real and justified concerns – as evident by the events in December. That had anyone cared to perform the evaluation as I begged them to do, those events probably wouldn’t have happened because it would have been obvious how much damage was done by those who professed to love him the most. Of course, she said that I was never spoken of, which I’m sure is untrue, otherwise why on earth would her aunt say I was as bad as she had been led to believe….. LOL. If it didn’t hurt so much having been denied a life with my children, I might laugh all the time at all the blatant and outrageous “misconceptions” (I shouldn’t really call them lies should I?) laid at my feet. I might laugh if it didn’t hurt so damn much. Sigh, gotta go, the game’s starting. 20110401-021601.jpg. Love Spring!]]>

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