ICE (In Case of Emergency)

I was reading a discussion thread on one of the lists I belong to and they brought up an excellent point. Do you have information readily available on your person, in case of an emergency? I learned a very important tip, ICF in your cell phone’s contacts is something emergency medical personnel are trained to look for! So now, in my phone, I have the entry ICF, and in the notes of that entry, I have contact information for my family, in order of who should be called first, and my blood type, and insurance/doctor, and current medications, and allergies. It’s a very timely tip for me, as we are going on vacation the end of April, and for convenience, I am carrying as little as possible – including no purse. But, will have my phone with me so its good to know my emergency (not planning on one but now I’m prepared) will be handled more efficiently by having that information.]]>

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