I am sick and tired….

Did you know there are literally dozens of names for MSG? Also, along with that, there are many more substances that have what’s known as free glutamate, (monosodium glutamate) and if combined, like in the Hillshire Farm meats I just had for lunch, can be dangerous for those already sensitive to MSG? So, here I go, off to the couch with migraine medicine.  All because I thought a sandwich couldn’t possibly be bad for me.  All this in 4 ounces (give or take a little bit) of lunchmeat. Lucky Me. I’m all for warning labels on food, like the kinds they do for alcohol. Warning, too much of this “fabulous – good for you – couldn’t POSSIBLY be bad for you” – food could be harmful to your health (because we as a food industry thinks the consumer doesn’t deserve to know what’s REALLY in their food)! oh ouch…. that was enough… I’m done. Kathy]]>

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