I am more than a statistic…

DSC_0277Yesterday, I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain and became one of the millions of Americans who suffer with this.  It feels very discouraging to be told there is no cure for you, and no way to accurately determine where your pain is coming from other than a general area.  I’ve had so many tests and scans to try and figure it out, and now, with it going on for over 8 months, I’m classified as a Chronic Pain Sufferer. My treatment is pain medication. They gave me a trial for Lyrica to see how I like it. But I can tell you already, on the first day of it, I don’t like it.  I’m foggy and sleepy. But I promised to give it a trial and I will. Add this to my diagnosis for Migraine with Aura and overlapping Meniere’s Disease symptoms.  I could laugh at all this and say “Hey! Now I have a reason for being dizzy! I’m on Lyrica! or other pain medicine…” I’m pretty down at the moment.  Its frustrating to go so many months with a condition trying to find a cure for it, only to find out I’ll have to live with it and just manage the pain. That’s just like having to learn to live with being dizzy all the time, no cure, just finding a way to manage it. I’m having one more big test next week to see if there is anything else it might be. Then…. I”m done. No more tests. I will learn to live with this just as I have learned to live with vertigo. I will continue to work, walk, take photos, enjoy life with Michael, and more, because I’m more than this ‘statistic’, I am more than a ‘sufferer’.  And… I’m just enough of a bitch to not let it stop me. Thanks, Kathy  (Oh… and its snowing again……  ;-))]]>

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