Found another one!

DSC_6984As I talked about in a past blog post, I have been searching for these plates for over 20 years. I finally found another one just last week.  That’s two of the three that were stolen from me by my kid’s dad or grandmother (actually believe it was the dad acting on his mother’s orders). They were so brazen when they stole them, they waited until I’d left the house briefly and went in and searched through my packed up belongings to find them (I was in the midst of packing since they were illegally evicting me – but at the time I didn’t know it was illegal, I just knew it was wrong!).  Then packed everything back up and I didn’t notice until I’d begun unpacking.  They weren’t their’s to take, they were mine, given by Great Aunt Helen who also collected roosters.  She gave me a set of three of these plates, two green and one maroon/burgundy. They are harder than…..  hen’s teeth to locate. (Couldn’t resist :-)) I had thought to leave them for my daughter to bring them back to her side of the family, but not now. These are mine, and a constant good reminder of my time with that family. Although I truly love my children, I think Aunt Helen was the best thing to come of that time, she never judged me, truly loved me, and treated me with honesty and respect. I will miss her forever.]]>

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