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[/caption] Michael and I didn’t have celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday since he worked late, so we’ll do that this evening.  But he already brought me the most gorgeous flowers! I have always loved these kinds of roses! Not sure where yet, but we’ll go to dinner later. He is so thoughtful! He is headed to Florida tomorrow to pick up his niece and bring her home here.  Her poor mother fought hard, but in the end couldn’t beat cancer. It was her last request that Michael and I be Crystal’s guardians.  So, there will be a young person in the house again. Our lives will definately change, but, I think for the better.  I’m honored that her mother thought I would be a good parental figure for her daughter.  Crystal is an absolutely gorgeous girl, and very bright.  I know the change will be difficult for her, but we will help her through. I can’t wait for the summer, Michael picked up a really nice motor home (an 89 Coachman, in really great shape) for a once in a lifetime price.  Its bigger than we thought we’d want, but now with Crystal and Patches, its looking more like a good size.  We’ll pick it up hopefully next week.  So we’ll be able to go fishing in style…  🙂 My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow.  I wish her a joyful and blessed day.  And I wish her heart to open up to her mother.  I love you Nichole. Kathy]]>

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