Catching Up

  • I am still having headaches from my concussion – which I didn’t post about since I ‘thought’ it would go away quickly (NOT). On 4/22 my beautiful little Patches tripped me on the stairs and I fell down landing on my right side and slamming the right side of my head and ear either on the tile entryway, or into the door frame of the bathroom. Happened so fast I really don’t know which I hit, just that it hurt like….  Well you know what I want to say there.  Still having very bad headaches, but thankfully, not as often.
  • I spent Easter with my family at my sister Cherie’s house and had a really great time (despite the headache!) cooking, talking, playing cards, laughing and just being with everyone.
  • Traveled to Upstate New York on an annual trip for a client from May 4 – 8, and had a really great time. Discovered my iPad gets a faint signal way up there so I was able to send out quick notes to Michael.
  • Have been busy packing up the house and office in preparation for the move hopefully SOON – I miss you Michael!
  • Spent last weekend with my sister Cherie up at Mom’s house for a belated Mother’s Day surprise for Mom. We had another great weekend, lots of laughing, playing with Patches, sleeping, and even got in some photography! Cherie is really developing a good eye!
  • Whew, I think you’re up to date. Today is International Virtual Assistant’s Day so have a great day to all my fellow VAs.  ]]>

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