Busy, Busy…

I’ve been keeping busy with some projects lately. I try to find some particular task to complete when Michael goes out of town for business. This time it’s putting up fruit and sun-dried tomatoes and zests. 20110915-100012.jpg

I’ve come to the conclusion that for my zester of choice… I’m just NOT a microplane kind of girl… At least my fingers that have been “zested” are saying that. Ouch! 20110915-101946.jpg20110915-101953.jpg I mean look at these things, although i haven’t tried the traditional zester, they both look almost torturous! I’ve decided that for me, I’m a peel, then chop up really small in the mini-prep kind of girl LOL

Seriously, zesting using a peeler, is easy, especially when you’re snacking on oranges, I simply peel the orange part of the peel off and save it until I have peels from at least three oranges. Then I chop them up in the mini-prep until they are very small. Then using BOTH my screens for a food processor tray, spread them out and dry for about an hour or so (depending on the amount), cool and store in an airtight container. Simple! And far less painful for my poor fingers! 20110915-103607.jpg I mean really… Look at this cute little thing! :-)]]>

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