Being Graceful…

What does a    have in common?   A trip to X-Ray! On Monday afternoon I was straitening my workbench – which collects everything as we pass by it through the garage and into the house – and accidentally knocked an empty plant pot right off and onto my left foot. OUCH!  I didn’t get an X-ray when it happened since I had a planning commission sub-committee meeting I needed to get to.  I didn’t do it yesterday either even though it was hurting like fire.  Today, I can’t stand it anymore and will have to get it looked at.  I know, I’m not a graceful person, but my mother acknowledges…. I get it from HER!! 🙂 (Had to say that Mom, but you know I love you!) This: pot                     makes this: foot                     I’ll let you know if its broken later today. Kathy]]>

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