Assault Weapons?

Assult weapons can be anything. All assault weapons are inanimate objects until a HUMAN touches them. Baseball bats can be used to assault someone. Should they too be banned? Oops, there goes baseball…. Will you miss it? Hockey sticks can cause assault, should we ban them too? Wow, hockey’s gone too. What about knives? We all know that knives can be used to assault and kill, should we remove them all from society too? Gosh, it’ll be hard to cut that steak now won’t it? How about hammers? It sure would be difficult to construct anything without them.(Before we get into semantics of what is meant by assault weapons, I know that lawmakers consider them to be guns, I’m just trying to make a point.) Will we be required to get licenses for our baseball bats, hockey sticks, hammers and steak knives? Let’s tell Johnny who wants to play little league that he can’t until his baseball bat is licensed. Here’s what I know for a fact: No weapon – of any kind – ever did anything by itself. It takes a HUMAN to cause harm. In April 1993 it wasn’t the knife that held itself to my neck, abducted, raped and beat me. It was the human. Should we ban humans too? I am heartbroken that someone thought so little of life that he was compelled to murder all those innocent people. None of them deserved it. And as horrified as I am by it all, I still know it’s not the weapons that caused the act. It was the man behind the triggers. Let’s start a real discussion about how best to stop PEOPLE from being the cause of these horrific acts. We can begin by doing a study on those horrible violent video games and movies that only show killing, stealing and violence and what the effect is on the desensitization of our society. People have mentioned that we didn’t have this kind of violence in our society 20 years ago (or so)… isn’t it odd that those games didn’t exist then… Coincidence?]]>

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