I would like to say something about grace. Specifically, grace under fire.  Specifically, Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s behavior during the senate judiciary committee confirmation hearings. 

I have been listening and watching for the last two days. She has been asked hundreds of times to opine, affirm, or deny a position she may or may not have on cases that are currently, or may be in the future before the Supreme court. She is ethical to the highest degree in that she will not do that.  What galls me is that not one of the democrats in the committee is listening to her answers. They ask her basically the same thing over and over and over. Its insulting how they are trying to trap her. She has been talked over, her integrity questioned, her beliefs questioned, and so on. And through it all, she is respectable, congenial, attentive, direct and succinct.

I do not care if you are a democrat or a republican, (notice I do not believe either of those should be capitalized!!!), but I think you have to admire her graceful and respectful answers anyway. She is a smart, articulate, highly intelligent, and strong woman who I admire greatly. And I did not even know her before these proceedings.

I am not trying to start a war with my comments, and I still really do not care which ‘side’ you are on. I am only commenting about one individual and her incredible grace under fire.

I am proud to be a woman today. 😊

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