20120115-181556.jpgI’m Kathy, and I’m a disorganized happy person. I’ve finally accepted it. I’m through trying to be organized because that’s what everyone says I should be. What’s funny is that I am the assistant to several organizers. 🙂 I love them, they are amazing and brilliantly talented women, but outside my desk… I’m not very organized. I’m in love with a fantastic man, Michael. He’s probably more disorganized than I am, but since I’m fully embracing my disorganization, I’m comfortable with it. Besides, we’re so fun together, and these days, I’m all about living joyously. We have a terrific home in Fairfield, PA, which despite my disorganization, is actually quite tidy. 🙂 I have two beautiful children, now all grown and out of the nest. My daughter, Nichole, is an amazing woman. She is the blogging queen, and her ramblings are the best reading… Her first blog is Simply McGhie and her second is Spell Bound – which is all about her writing. I’m so very proud of her, she’s a mother, my gorgeous grandchildren, K and L (we don’t use their names online), a wife, a writer, and one of the most impressive people I have the honor of knowing. My son Don is living in Virginia. As for me, I’m a successful business owner (since June 1996) of Hilltop Secretarial (formerly Ritchie Secretarial Service), an amateur photographer (view my work at Hilltop Photography), and an aspiring writer myself. Besides Michael, and our life together, I love cooking, and all cooking shows/movies and cookbooks, baseball movies, and disaster movies (I know… I’m a little ‘off’). I love fishing, hiking, and going on “photoscursions”, and antiquing.  Together Michael and I own The Hilltop Group, which encompasses all our passions under one business model. My children were systematically denied a life with me by their father and his mother. As a result, neither one of my children want anything to do with me. My daughter recently decided to have nothing further to do with me after I thought we were getting closer. My son was younger and therefore more brainwashed than his sister so its been over 13 years since I’ve seen him. Read more about Parental Alienation on my P.A.S. page, and in the PAS posts. I will talk about my children and grandchildren on my blog. I will confess my love for them, I will pray every day that I can have a life with them someday. But, I will not stop living. I will not beg forgiveness for things I did not do. I will not live in daily misery any longer. I love my children, I will never stop loving them. But I will live. I want them in my life, but I can’t force it. I do wish however, they would think with adult eyes looking at what’s happened, instead of remembering what their father and his mother did. So, enjoy reading about my deliciously disorganized life as I enjoy living it. Thanks! Kathy   In case you’re interested, my formal bio is: Master Virtual Assistant Kathy McCabe keeps her clients from going crazy by helping with their office administration and other tasks. In the brick and mortar world, Kathy spent years as an administrative assistant with a variety of industries: a chain saw shop, a funeral home, a college, and a real estate office. She loves the work, and her vast experience prepared her to work efficiently with a wide variety of clients. However, she learned early on that going to the office wasn’t for her. She doesn’t enjoy the traditional office situation and works best alone. These days she uses her gifts in a way that works best for her and her clients! As a virtual assistant, Kathy is able to work alongside a variety of clients. Currently she’s working with a software company, a leading staffing industry trainer, two of the top 50 coaches in America, a clothing designer, a business to business relationship specialist, and a marketing firm.  She is also in the process of writing a book about her experiences as a virtual assistant, which will help newcomers to get started in this growing industry. Kathy has earned distinction in the virtual assistant field. She earned the 2013 Thomas Leonard International Virtual Assistant of Distinction, and in 2005 was honored as a Semi Finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition for the Rocky Mountain Region. Client Joel Garfinkle raves, “As an executive coach, author of eight books and speaker, I have relied on virtual assistants to help my business continue to grow and sustain its success. For fifteen years Kathy has been invaluable to me. She has provided quality work, immediate response to all my needs and a great attitude. Make a great investment in your business and bring Kathy on-board as your Virtual Assistant!”  And client Renee K. Smith thanked her, saying, “Your warm mannerism put me completely at ease, and I can’t remember when a business transaction seemed more like a friendly conversation of bouncing ideas back and forth as when I worked with you and your firm.” Kathy’s Virtual Assistant services include typical services like word processing and spreadsheets, WordPress blog administration, remote PC access, virtual receptionist services, digital mailbox, email management, 1099 and W2 forms, internet research, and newsletters. Full descriptions of her services are available at http://www.thebestva.com. When she’s not assisting clients, Kathy maintains a number of other roles—she’s an herbalist, photographer, and wood restorer. She and her husband own a store and often spend their weekends at fairs and craft shows (www.hilltop-arts.com). Looking to connect? Click on over to http://www.thebestva.com or find her on Facebook. You’ll be glad you did!]]>